Rising Returns
Dividend investing and personal finance.

I want to ask you a question: what exactly happens when you buy a stock? If you log in to to your online brokerage account and place an order to purchase 10 shares of Apple (AAPL) – what happens next? I’m guessing a lot of you would say that the money leaves my account, goes […]

December 17, 2014 dividend investing

Hopefully by this point I’ve been able to convince you to start an emergency fund, automatically fund that account each week, open and fund an investment account and get started with investing, and even track your progress by using some financial benchmarks. So what happens next? That’s one question that often comes up after you’ve […]

December 16, 2014 dividend investing

I currently have a fairly small position in the automaker Ford (F); I own just north of 100 shares. Over the last month,¬†Ford stock has pulled back in the neighborhood of 15%. That’s a pretty serious hit for most investors and understandably has a lot of people worried. In my opinion, F still represents a […]

October 2, 2014 dividend investing, investing
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