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2016 McCormick Annual Report

Posted on March 10, 2017 in dividend investing

The below post is copied from mattcroce.com/blog, which is my new-ish site. I’ve had the domain for some time and haven’t done anything with it until recently. I recommend everyone buy their own personal domain name.
Anyway, I haven’t posted much recently at Rising Returns and I’m unsure of what my posting schedule will be in the future. I’ll be making updates at mattcroce.com/blog. These updates will range from personal family updates to personal finance updates to investing updates, similar to what I’ve been posting here at Rising Returns. Come join the party and sign up to get email updates from me as well.

Did anyone else get the 2016 McCormick annual report?

I love that they scent the report. It smells like nutmeg and cloves.

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