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Fair Value of Dividend Stocks

Posted on October 24, 2012 in cash flow dividend aristocrats dividend investing

Today I’d like to take a look at a relatively simple way of determining the fair value of dividend stocks. We’ll continue using Coca-Cola (KO) as our example because KO has a solid history of not only paying dividends, but of raising those dividends every year. It is one of the Dividend Aristocrats, after all! (more…)

How to start dividend investing

Posted on October 18, 2012 in dividend aristocrats dividend investing

So – you’re ready to start dividend investing but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in your apprehension and confusion. There is a staggering amount of information out there and not all of it is good, so let’s just start with the basics.

One relatively boring, stable, and smart place to start your dividend investing career is with a group called the Dividend Aristocrats. This is a group of companies in the S&P 500 which have raised their dividend every year, for at least the past 25 years. You’re looking for a solid track record, right? Well it doesn’t get much better than that. For 2012, here’s the list. If you take a minute to look over that list you’ll notice many companies that you probably recognize, as well as some you might not.

Why would you want to start by investing in the dividend aristocrats? (more…)