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The Dividend Ladder Guide

Posted on February 8, 2014 in dividend investing dividend ladder

Hey friends,

Two quick things today:

First, a quick plug: I recently pulled together the Dividend Ladder Guide, which is a compilation of my short series of posts about building a dividend ladder system.

The Dividend Ladder Guide ties everything together in one convenient location – you can access all three posts from the same page.

The Building a Dividend Ladder System series featured some of the most popular posts that have been published at Rising Returns, so I hope you’ll find this to be a valuable resource.

Second: would you consider signing up for the Rising Returns email list? If you’ve signed up before, I apologize. I’ve recently revamped the way it works and am starting from scratch. I’ll be sending out emails on a semi-regular basis with a compilation of best posts from the week and also will periodically send out extra information not found on the blog.