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Investment Account Activity

Posted on March 2, 2017 in dividend investing

The below post is copied from mattcroce.com/blog, which is my new-ish site. I’ve had the domain for some time and haven’t done anything with it until recently. I recommend everyone buy their own personal domain name.
Anyway, I haven’t posted here at Rising Returns for quite a while and I’m unsure of what my posting schedule will be in the future. I’ll be making updates at mattcroce.com/blog. These updates will range from personal family updates to personal finance updates to investing updates, similar to what I’ve been posting here at Rising Returns. Come join the party and sign up to get email updates from me as well.

Just a quick update today on some activity in my investment account:

I’ve been watching Target (TGT) recently and yesterday decided to take advantage of a recent large drop in price to open up a position. I didn’t really add much new capital to my account so this was accomplished in conjunction with a few other moves. In my regular taxable account, I sold out of my small position of Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) and used the capital to open the TGT position.

I still wanted to maintain exposure to RDS.A so in my IRA, I took some profit from my positions in General Electric (GE) and AT&T (T) and put the proceeds into 117 shares of RDS.A. This will be nice because RDS.A pays a healthy dividend and I’m pretty happy to defer taxes and let the dividend reinvestment work for me for a couple of decades.

So, at the end of the day I put 31 shares of TGT into my regular investment account, reduced my positions in GE and T to 100 shares each in my IRA, and put 117 shares of RDS.A into my IRA.

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